PhyloTree 16.0

mtDNA tree Build 16 including 4,806 haplogroups

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Examples: H100 or 489-T-C

Haplogroups (4806)

H2a2a1 H2a2a1a H2a2a1b H2a2a1c H2a2a1d H2a2a1e H2a2a1f H2a2a1g H2a2a2 H2a2a H2a2 H2a2a+(16235) H2a2b H2a2b1 H2a2b1a H2a2b1a1 H2a2b2 H2a2b3 H2a2b4 H2a2b5 H2a2b5a H2a H2a1 H2a1a H2a1a1 H2a1a2 H2a1b H2a1c H2a1d H2a1e H2a1e1 H2a1e1a H2a1e1a1 H2a1e1b H2a1f H2a1g H2a3 H2a3a H2a3a1 H2a3b H2a4 H2a5 H2a5a H2a5a1 H2a5a1a H2a5a1b H2a5b H2a5b1 H2a5b2 H2 H2a+152 16311 H2b H2c H2c1 H H1 H1a H1a1 H1a1a H1a1a1 H1a1b H1a2 H1a3 H1a3a H1a3a1 H1a3a2 H1a3a3 H1a3b H1a3c H1a4 H1a5 H1a6 H1a7 H1a8 H1a9 H1+16189 H1b H1b1 H1b1+16362 H1b1a H1b1b H1b1c H1b1d H1b1h H1b1e H1b1f H1b1g H1b2 H1b2a H1b2a1 H1b3 H1b4 H1f H1f+16093 H1f1 H1f1a H1g H1g1 H1g2 H1k H1k1 H1k1a H1y H1z H1z1 H1aa H1ab H1ab1 H1ac H1ad H1cc H1c H1c1 H1c1a H1c1a1 H1c1b H1c2 H1c2a H1c3 H1c3a H1c3b H1c4 H1c4a H1c4b H1c4b1 H1c5 H1c5a H1c6 H1c7 H1c8 H1c+152 H1c9 H1c9a H1c10 H1c11 H1c12 H1c13 H1c14 H1c15 H1c16 H1c17 H1c18 H1c19 H1c20 H1c21 H1c22 H1e H1e1 H1e1a H1e1a1 H1e1a2 H1e1a3 H1e1a4 H1e1a5 H1e1a6 H1e1b H1e1b1 H1e1b1a H1e1c H1e2 H1e2a H1e2b H1e2c H1e2d H1e+16129 H1e3 H1e4 H1e4a H1e5 H1e6 H1h H1h1 H1h2 H1+152 H1i H1i1 H1i2 H1i2a H1an H1an1 H1an1a H1an2 H1bb H1j H1j1 H1j1a H1j1a1 H1j1a2 H1j1b H1j1c H1j2 H1j2a H1j3 H1j4 H1j5 H1j6 H1j7 H1j8 H1j9 H1m H1m1 H1n H1n+146 H1n1 H1n1a H1n1b H1n2 H1n3 H1n4 H1n+146+195 H1n5 H1n6 H1o H1p H1q H1q1 H1q2 H1r H1r1 H1s H1t H1t1 H1t1a H1t1a1 H1t2 H1u H1u1 H1v H1v1 H1v1a H1v1b H1w H1x H1ae H1ae1 H1ae2 H1ae2a H1ae3 H1ae3a H1af H1af1 H1af1a H1af2 H1ag H1ag1 H1ag1a H1ag1b H1ah H1ah1 H1ah2 H1ai H1ai1 H1aj H1aj1 H1aj1a H1ak H1ak1 H1ak2 H1am H1am1 H1ao H1ao1 H1ap H1ap1 H1aq H1aq1 H1ar H1ar1 H1as H1as1 H1as1a H1as2 H1at H1at1 H1at1a H1au H1au1 H1au1a H1au1b H1av H1av1 H1av1a H1aw H1ax H1ax1 H1ay H1az H1ba H1ba1 H1bc H1bd H1be H1+16239 H1bf H1bf1 H1bg H1bh H1bi H1bj H1bk H1bm H1bn H1bo H1bp H1bq H1br H1bs H1bt H1bt1 H1bu H1bv H1bv1 H1bw H1bx H1by H1bz H1+16311 H1cd H3 H3+152 H3a H3a1 H3a1a H3g H3g1 H3g1a H3g1b H3g2 H3g3 H3g4 H3i H3i1 H3j H3k H3k1 H3k1a H3b H3b+16129 H3b1 H3b1a H3b1b H3b1b1 H3b1b1a H3b2 H3b3 H3b4 H3b4a H3b5 H3c H3c1 H3c2 H3c2a H3c2a1 H3c2b H3c2b1 H3c2c H3c3 H3+73 H3d H3e H3+16311 H3h H3h1 H3h2 H3h3 H3h3a H3h4 H3h5 H3h6 H3m H3n H3p H3q H3q1 H3r H3r1 H3s H3t H3u H3u1 H3v H3v1 H3v+16093 H3v2 H3w H3x H3x1 H3y H3z H3z1 H3aa H3ab H3ac H3ad H3ae H3af H3ag H3ag1 H3ah H3ai H3aj H3ak H3am H3an H3ao H3ao1 H3ap H3aq H3ar H3as H3at H3at1 H3au H3+16189 H3av H4 H4a H4a1 H4a1a H4a1a1 H4a1a1a H4a1a1a1 H4a1a1a1a H4a1a1a1a1 H4a1a1a2 H4a1a1a3 H4a1a1a4 H4a1a2 H4a1a2a H4a1a2a1 H4a1a+195 H4a1a3 H4a1a3a H4a1a4 H4a1a4a H4a1a4b H4a1a4b1 H4a1a4b2 H4a1a5 H4a1c H4a1c1 H4a1c1a H4a1c2 H4a1d H4b H4b1 H4c H4c1 H5'36 H5 H5a H5a1 H5a1a H5a1b H5a1c H5a1c1 H5a1c1a H5a1c2 H5a1d H5a1e H5a1f H5a1g H5a1g1 H5a1g1a H5a1g2 H5a1h H5a1j H5a1k H5a1+152 H5a1m H5a1n H5a1+16093 H5a1p H5a1q H5a2 H5a3 H5a3a H5a3a1 H5a3a+152 H5a3a2 H5a3b H5a4 H5a4a H5a4a1 H5a4a1a H5a5 H5a+152 H5a6 H5a6a H5a7 H5a8 H5b H5b1 H5b2 H5b3 H5b4 H5c H5c1 H5c1a H5c2 H5d H5e H5e1 H5e1a H5e1a1 H5e1b H5f H5g H5h H5j H5k H5m H5n H5p H5+16192 H5q H5+16311 H5r H5r1 H5r2 H5s H5t H5u H36 H6 H6a H6a1 H6a1a H6a1a1 H6a1a1a H6a1a2 H6a1a2a H6a1a2b H6a1a2b1 H6a1a3 H6a1a3a H6a1a4 H6a1a5 H6a1a6 H6a1a7 H6a1a8 H6a1a8a H6a1b H6a1b1 H6a1b2 H6a1b2a H6a1b2b H6a1b2c H6a1b2d H6a1b3 H6a1b3a H6a1b3b H6a1b4 H6a2 H6a2a H6b H6b1 H6c H6c1 H7 H7a H7a1 H7a1a H7a1b H7a1c H7a2 H7b H7b1 H7b2 H7b2a H7b3 H7b4 H7b5 H7b6 H7c H7c1 H7c2 H7c3 H7c4 H7c5 H7d H7d1 H7d2 H7d2a H7d3 H7d3a H7d4 H7d5 H7e H7f H7g H7h H7i H2+195 H2+195+146 H8 H8a H8+(114) H8b H8+(114)+152 H8c H8c1 H8c2 H31 H31a H31b H11 H11a H11a1 H11a2 H11a2a H11a2a1 H11a2a2 H11a2a3 H11a3 H11a4 H11a5 H11a6 H11a+152 H11a7 H11b H11b1 H12 H91 H2+152 H9 H9a H32 H46 H46a H46b H52 H69 H10 H10a H10a1 H10a1a H10a1a1 H10a1b H10b H10b1 H10c H10c1 H10d H10+(16093) H10e H10e1 H10e1a H10e2 H10e3 H10e3a H10f H10g H10h H13 H13a H13a1 H13a1a H13a1a1 H13a1a1a H13a1a1b H13a1a1c H13a1a1d H13a1a1d1 H13a1a1e H13a1a2 H13a1a2+16311 H13a1a2a H13a1a2b H13a1a3 H13a1a4 H13a1a5 H13a1a6 H13a1b H13a1c H13a1+152 H13a1d H13a2 H13a2a H13a2b H13a2b1 H13a2b2 H13a2b3 H13a2c H13a2c1 H13b H13b1 H13b1+200 H13b1a H13b1b H13b+16362 H13b2 H13c H13c1 H14 H14a H14a+146 H14a1 H14a2 H14b H14b+152 H14b1 H14b2 H15 H15a H15a1 H15a1a H15a1b H15b H15b1 H16 H16+152 H16a H16a1 H16c H16d H16b H2+16129 H17 H17a H17a1 H17a2 H17b H17c H27 H27+16093 H27a H27b H27c H27d H18 H18b H20 H20a H20b H20c H21 H22 H23 H24 H24a H24a1 H24a2 H24b H25 H26 H26a H26a1 H26a1a H26a1a1 H26b H26c H28 H28a H28a1 H29 H30 H30a H30b H30b1 H33 H33a H33b H33c H2+16291 H34 H64 H85 H35 H35a H39 H39a H39a1 H39b H40 H40a H40b H41 H41a H42 H42a H42a1 H43 H44 H44a H44a1 H44b H45 H45a H45b H47 H47a H48 H49 H49a H49a1 H49a2 H49b H50 H51 H51a H53 H54 H55 H55a H56 H56a H56a1 H56b H57 H58 H58a H59 H59a H60 H60a H61 H62 H63 H63a H65 H65a H66 H66a H66a1 H67 H67a H70 H71 H72 H73 H73a H73a1 H74 H75 H76 H77 H78 H79 H79a H80 H81 H81a H82 H83 H84 H86 H87 H88 H89 H90 H92 H93 H94 H95 H95a H96 H100 HV HV0 HV0a HV0a1 HV0a1a V V1 V1a V1a1 V1a1a V1a1b V1b V2 V2a V2a1 V2a1a V2b V2b1 V2c V3 V3a V3a1 V3b V3c V4 V5 V6 V7 V7a V7a1 V7b V8 V9 V9a V9a1 V9a2 V10 V10a V10b V10b1 V11 V12 V13 V14 V15 V15a V16 V17 V18 V+150 V19 V22 V+@16298 V20 V+@72 V21 V23 HV0+195 HV0b HV0c HV0d HV0e HV0f HV1 HV1a'b'c HV1a HV1a1 HV1a1a HV1a1b HV1a2 HV1a2a HV1a3 HV1b HV1b1 HV1b1a HV1b1b HV1b+152 HV1b2 HV1b3 HV1c HV1d H+73 HV2 HV2a HV4 HV4a HV4a1 HV4a1+16291 HV4a1a HV4a1a1 HV4a1a2 HV4a1a3 HV4a1a4 HV4a2 HV4a2a HV4a2b HV4b HV4c HV5 H+16311 HV6 HV6a HV7 HV8 HV9 HV9+152 HV9a HV9a1 HV9b HV9c HV10 HV11 HV11a HV14 HV15 HV16 HV17 HV12 HV12a HV12a1 HV12b HV12b1 HV12b1a HV13 R0 R0a'b R0a R0a1 R0a1a R0a1a1 R0a1a1a R0a1a2 R0a1a3 R0a1a4 R0a1+152 R0a1b R0a+60.1T R0a2'3 R0a2 R0a2a R0a2a1 R0a2b R0a2c R0a2d R0a2e R0a2f R0a2f1 R0a2f1a R0a2f1b R0a2g R0a2h R0a2i R0a2+195 R0a2j R0a2k R0a2k1 R0a2l R0a2m R0a3 R0a4 R0b R R1 R1a R1a1 R1a1a R1a1a1 R1a1a1a R1a1a2 R1a1b R1a1c R1b R1b1 R2'JT R2 R2+195 R2a R2+146 R2b R2c JT J J1 J1b J1b1 J1b1a J1b1a1 J1b1a1a J1b1a1b J1b1a1c J1b1a1d J1b1a2 J1b1a2a J1b1a2b J1b1a3 J1b1b J1b1b1 J1b1b1a J1b1b1b J1b1b2 J1b2 J1b2a J1b3 J1b3a J1b3b J1b4 J1b4a J1b4a1 J1b4a2 J1b5 J1b5a J1b5b J1b6 J1b6a J1b7 J1b8 J1c J1c1 J1c1a J1c1b J1c1b1 J1c1b1a J1c1b2 J1c1b2a J1c1c J1c1d J1c1e J1c1f J1c1g J1c1h J1c2 J1c2a J1c2a1 J1c2a2 J1c2a3 J1c2b J1c2b1 J1c2b2 J1c2b3 J1c2b4 J1c2b5 J1c2c J1c2c1 J1c2c1a J1c2c2 J1c2c2a J1c2c3 J1c2d J1c2e J1c2e1 J1c2e2 J1c2f J1c2g J1c2h J1c2i J1c2j J1c2k J1c2l J1c2m J1c2m1 J1c2n J1c2n1 J1c2o J1c2p J1c2q J1c2r J1c2s J1c2t J1c3 J1c3a J1c3a1 J1c3a2 J1c3b J1c3b1 J1c3b1a J1c3b2 J1c3c J1c3c1 J1c3c2 J1c3d J1c3e J1c3e1 J1c3e2 J1c3f J1c3g J1c3h J1c3i J1c3j J1c3k J1c4 J1c4b J1c4c J1c5 J1c5a J1c5a1 J1c5b J1c5c J1c5c1 J1c5d J1c5e J1c5f J1c6 J1c6a J1c+16261 J1c7 J1c7a J1c+16261+189 J1c12 J1c13 J1c14 J1c8 J1c8a J1c8a1 J1c8a1a J1c8a2 J1c8b J1c9 J1c10 J1c10a J1c11 J1c11a J1c15 J1c15a J1c15a1 J1c15b J1c16 J1c17 J1+16193 J1d J1d1 J1d1a J1d1a1 J1d1a1a J1d1b J1d1b1 J1d2 J1d2a J1d3 J1d3a J1d3b J1d4 J1d5 J1d6 J1d6a J2 J2a J2a1 J2a1a J2a1a1 J2a1a1a J2a1a1a1 J2a1a1a2 J2a1a1a3 J2a1a1b J2a1a1c J2a1a1d J2a1a1e J2a1a2 J2a1a2a J2a2 J2a2a J2a2a1 J2a2a2 J2a2b J2a2b1 J2a2b2 J2a2c J2a2c1 J2a2d J2b J2b1 J2b1a J2b1a1 J2b1a1a J2b1a2 J2b1a2a J2b1a3 J2b1a4 J2b1a5 J2b1a6 J2b1b J2b1c J2b1c1 J2b1d J2b1e J2b1e1 J2b1f J2b1g J2b1h J2b2 T T1 T1a T1a+152 T1a1'3 T1a1 T1a1a T1a1a1 T1a1b T1a1b1 T1a1c T1a1d T1a1e T1a1f T1a1g T1a1h T1a1i T1a1j T1a1k T1a1+@152 T1a1l T1a3 T1a3a T1a2 T1a2a T1a2b T1a4 T1a11 T1a12 T1a13 T1a5 T1a6 T1a7 T1a8 T1a8a T1a8b T1a9 T1a10 T1b T1b1 T1b2 T1b3 T1b4 T2 T2a T2a1 T2a1a T2a1a1 T2a1a2 T2a1a3 T2a1a3a T2a1a5 T2a1a6 T2a1a7 T2a1a8 T2a1b T2a1b1 T2a1b1a T2a1b1a1 T2a1b1a1a T2a1b1a1b T2a1b2 T2a1b2a T2a1b2b T2a2 T2b T2b1 T2b2 T2b2b T2b2b1 T2b3 T2b3+151 T2b3a T2b3a1 T2b3c T2b3d T2b3e T2b3b T2b4 T2b4a T2b4a1 T2b4+152 T2b4b T2b4c T2b4d T2b4e T2b4f T2b4g T2b4h T2b5 T2b5a T2b5a1 T2b6 T2b6a T2b6+146 T2b6b T2b7 T2b7a T2b7a1 T2b7a2 T2b7a3 T2b8 T2b+150 T2b9 T2b11 T2b13 T2b13a T2b13b T2b15 T2b+16362 T2b16 T2b17 T2b17a T2b19 T2b19b T2b21 T2b21a T2b21b T2b+152 T2b22 T2b23 T2b23a T2b24 T2b24a T2b25 T2b26 T2b27 T2b28 T2b29 T2b30 T2b31 T2b32 T2b33 T2c T2c1 T2c1a T2c1a1 T2c1a2 T2c1c T2c1c1 T2c1c2 T2c1+146 T2c1d T2c1d1 T2c1d1a T2c1d+152 T2c1d2 T2c1d2a T2c1e T2c1f T2d T2d1 T2d1a T2d1b T2d2 T2e T2e1 T2e1a T2e1a1 T2e1a1a T2e1a1a1 T2e1b T2e1b1 T2e2 T2e2a T2e5 T2e6 T2+16189 T2f T2f1 T2f1a T2f1a1 T2f2 T2f3 T2f4 T2f5 T2f6 T2f7 T2g T2g1 T2g2 T2g2a T2h T2i T2i1 T2j T2j1 T2k T2l T3 R5 R5a R5a1 R5a1a R5a2 R5a2a R5a2b R5a2b1 R5a2b2 R5a2b3 R5a2b4 R6 R6+16129 R6a R6a1 R6a2 R6b R7 R7a'b R7a R7a1 R7a1a R7a1b R7a1b1 R7a1b2 R7b R7b1 R7b1a R7b1a1 R7b2 R8 R8a R8a1 R8a1a R8a1a1 R8a1a1a R8a1a1a1 R8a1a1a2 R8a1a1b R8a1a1c R8a1a1d R8a1a2 R8a1a2a R8a1a3 R8a1+16093 R8a1b R8a2 R8b R8b1 R8b1a R8b2 R9 R9b R9b1 R9b1a R9b1a1 R9b1a1a R9b1a2 R9b1a2a R9b1a3 R9b1b R9b2 R9c R9c1 R9c1a R9c1a1 R9c1b R9c1b1 R9c1b2 F F1 F1a'c'f F1a F1a1'4 F1a1 F1a1a F1a1a1 F1a1b F1a1c F1a1c1 F1a1c2 F1a1c3 F1a1d F1a4 F1a4a F1a4a1 F1a4b F1a2 F1a2a F1a3 F1a3a F1a3a1 F1a3a2 F1a3a3 F1c F1c1 F1c1a F1c1a1 F1c1a1a F1c1a1b F1f F1+16189 F1b F1b1 F1b1a F1b1a1 F1b1a1a F1b1a1a1 F1b1a1a1a F1b1a1a2 F1b1a1a3 F1b1a2 F1b1b F1b1c F1d F1d1 F1e F1e1 F1e1a F1e2 F1e3 F1g F1g1 F2 F2+16291 F2a F2b F2b1 F2g F2c F2c1 F2c2 F2d F2e F2e1 F2f F3 F3a F3a+207 F3a1 F3b F3b+152 F3b1 F3b1a F3b1b F4 F4a F4a1 F4a1a F4a1b F4a2 F4b R0+16189 R11'B6 R11 R11a R11b R11b1 R11b1a R11b1b B6 B6a B6a1 B6a1a B B4 B4+16261 B4a B4a1 B4a1a B4a1a1 B4a1a1a B4a1a1a1 B4a1a1a1a B4a1a1a1a1 B4a1a1a1b B4a1a1a2 B4a1a1a2a B4a1a1a3 B4a1a1a4 B4a1a1a5 B4a1a1a6 B4a1a1a7 B4a1a1a8 B4a1a1a9 B4a1a1a10 B4a1a1a11 B4a1a1a11a B4a1a1a12 B4a1a1a13 B4a1a1b B4a1a1c B4a1a1d B4a1a1e B4a1a1f B4a1a1g B4a1a1h B4a1a1i B4a1a1j B4a1a1k B4a1a1m B4a1a1n B4a1a1+152 B4a1a1o B4a1a1p B4a1a1q B4a1a1+16126 B4a1a1r B4a1a1x B4a1a1y B4a1a2 B4a1a3 B4a1a3a B4a1a3a1 B4a1a4 B4a1a5 B4a1a5a B4a1a6 B4a1a6a B4a1+16311 B4a1b B4a1b1 B4a1b1a B4a1e B4a1c B4a1c1 B4a1c1a B4a1c1a1 B4a1c+146 B4a1c2 B4a1c4 B4a1c3 B4a1c3a B4a1c3b B4a1d B4a2 B4a2a B4a2b B4a2b1 B4a2b1a B4a3 B4a4 B4g B4g1 B4g1a B4g1b B4h B4h1 B4i B4i1 B4k B4b'd'e'j B4b B2 B2a B2a1 B2a1a B2a1a1 B2a1b B2a2 B2a3 B2a4 B2a4a B2a4a1 B2a5 B2b B2b+152 B2b1 B2b2 B2b2a B2b3 B2b3a B2b4 B2c B2c1 B2c1a B2c1b B2c1c B2c2 B2c2a B2c2b B2d B2e B2f B2g B2g1 B2g2 B2h B2i B2i1 B2i2 B2i2a B2i2a1 B2i2a1a B2i2a1b B2i2b B2i2b1 B2j B2k B2l B2m B2n B2o B2o1 B2o1a B2p B2q B2r B2s B2t B2u B2v B2+16278 B2w B2x B2y B2y1 B4b1 B4b1a B4b1a+207 B4b1a1 B4b1a1a B4b1a1b B4b1a1c B4b1a2 B4b1a2a B4b1a2b B4b1a2c B4b1a2d B4b1a2e B4b1a3 B4b1a3a B4b1b'c B4b1b B4b1c B4b1c1 B4d B4d1'2'3 B4d1 B4d1a B4d2 B4d3 B4d3a B4d3a1 B4d4 B4e B4j B4c B4c1 B4c1a'b B4c1a B4c1a1 B4c1a1a B4c1a1a1 B4c1a1a1a B4c1a1a2 B4c1a1b B4c1a1c B4c1a2 B4c1a2a B4c1b B4c1b1 B4c1b1a B4c1b+16335 B4c1b2 B4c1b2a B4c1b2a1 B4c1b2a2 B4c1b2a2a B4c1b2a2b B4c1b2c B4c1c B4c1c+16311 B4c1c1 B4c2 B4c2a B4c2b B4f B4f1 B5 B5a B5a1 B5a1a B5a1a1 B5a1b B5a1b1 B5a1c B5a1c1 B5a1d B5a2 B5a2a B5a2a1 B5a2a2 B5b B5b+204 B5b1 B5b1a B5b1a1 B5b1a2 B5b1a2a B5b1c B5b1c1 B5b1c1a B5b3 B5b3a B5b3b B5b4 B5b2 B5b2a B5b2a1 B5b2a1a B5b2a1b B5b2a1b1 B5b2c R24 R24a R12'21 R12 R21 R14 R22 R23 R30 R30a R30a1 R30a1a R30a1b R30a1b1 R30b R30b1 R30b2 R30b2a R31 R31a R31a1 R31b P P+16176 P1 P1d P1d1 P2'10 P2 P10 P8 P3 P3a P3b P3b1 P4 P4a P4a1 P4b P4b1 P5 P6 P7 P9 P9a U U1 U1a U1a1 U1a1a U1a1a1 U1a1a2 U1a1b U1a1c U1a1c1 U1a1c2 U1a1c3 U1a1c4 U1a1d U1a2 U1a3 U1b U1b1 U5 U5a'b U5a U5a1 U5a1+@16192 U5a1a U5a1a1 U5a1a1+152 U5a1a1a U5a1a1b U5a1a1h U5a1a1c U5a1a1+16362 U5a1a1d U5a1a1e U5a1a1g U5a1a2 U5a1a2a U5a1a2a1 U5a1a2a1a U5a1a2b U5a1a2b1 U5a1g U5a1g1 U5a1b U5a1b1 U5a1b1a U5a1b1a1 U5a1b1a2 U5a1b1b U5a1b1b1 U5a1b1c U5a1b1c1 U5a1b1c2 U5a1b1d U5a1b1e U5a1b1f U5a1b2 U5a1b+16362 U5a1b3 U5a1b4 U5a1c U5a1c1 U5a1c1a U5a1c2 U5a1c2a U5a1d U5a1d1 U5a1d2 U5a1d2a U5a1d2a1 U5a1d2b U5a1e U5a1f U5a1f1 U5a1f1a U5a1f1a1 U5a1f2 U5a1h U5a1i U5a1j U5a2 U5a2a U5a2a1 U5a2a1a U5a2a1b U5a2a1b1 U5a2a1c U5a2a1d U5a2a1+152 U5a2a1e U5a2b U5a2b1 U5a2b1a U5a2b1b U5a2b1c U5a2b1d U5a2b2 U5a2b2a U5a2b2a1 U5a2b3 U5a2b3a U5a2b3a1 U5a2b4 U5a2b5 U5a2c U5a2c1 U5a2c2 U5a2c3 U5a2c3a U5a2c4 U5a2d U5a2d1 U5a2d1a U5a2+16362 U5a2e U5b U5b1 U5b1a U5b1+16189 U5b1b U5b1b1 U5b1b1+@16192 U5b1b1a U5b1b1a1 U5b1b1a1a U5b1b1a1a1 U5b1b1a2 U5b1b1d U5b1b1f U5b1b1b U5b1b1+152 U5b1b1e U5b1b2 U5b1b2a U5b1c U5b1c1 U5b1c1a U5b1c1a1 U5b1c2 U5b1c2a U5b1c2b U5b1+16189+@16192 U5b1e U5b1e1 U5b1e1a U5b1h U5b1d U5b1d1 U5b1d1a U5b1d1b U5b1d1c U5b1d2 U5b1f U5b1f1 U5b1f1a U5b1g U5b1i U5b2 U5b2a U5b2a1 U5b2a1a U5b2a1a+16311 U5b2a1a1 U5b2a1a1a U5b2a1a1b U5b2a1a1d U5b2a1a2 U5b2a1b U5b2a2 U5b2a2a U5b2a2a1 U5b2a2a2 U5b2a2b U5b2a2b1 U5b2a2c U5b2a3 U5b2a+@16192 U5b2a4 U5b2a4a U5b2a5 U5b2a6 U5b2b U5b2b1 U5b2b1a U5b2b1a1 U5b2b1a2 U5b2b1b U5b2b2 U5b2b3 U5b2b3a U5b2b3a1 U5b2b3a1a U5b2b3b U5b2b4 U5b2c U5b2c1 U5b2c2 U5b2c2a U5b2c2b U5b3 U5b3a U5b3a1 U5b3a1a U5b3a1b U5b3a2 U5b3b U5b3b1 U5b3c U5b3d U5b3e U5b3f U5b3g U6 U6a'b'd U6a U6a1 U6a1a U6a1a1 U6a1a2 U6a1b U6a1b1 U6a1b1a U6a1b1b U6a1b2 U6a1b3 U6a+16189 U6a+16189+(103) U6a2 U6a2a U6a2a1 U6a2a2 U6a2a2a U6a2b U6a2b1 U6a2+195 U6a2c U6a8 U6a8a U6a8b U6a3 U6a3a U6a3a1 U6a3a1a U6a3a2 U6a3a2a U6a3+185 U6a3b U6a3b1 U6a3e U6a3f U6a3f1 U6a3f2 U6a3c U6a3d U6a3d1 U6a3d1a U6a4 U6a5 U6a5a U6a5a1 U6a5b U6a6 U6a6a U6a6a1 U6a6b U6a6b1 U6a6b2 U6a7 U6a7a U6a7a1 U6a7a1a U6a7a1b U6a7a1+@152 U6a7a1c U6a7a2 U6a7a2a U6a7b U6a7b1 U6a7c U6a7c1 U6a'b'd+16311 U6b U6b1 U6b1a U6b1a1 U6b1b U6b2 U6b3 U6b3a U6d U6d1 U6d1a U6d1b U6d2 U6d3 U6d3a U6c U6c1 U6c2 U2'3'4'7'8'9 U2 U2a U2a1 U2a1a U2a1b U2a2 U2b U2b1 U2b1a U2b2 U2+152 U2c'd U2c U2c1 U2c1a U2c1b U2d U2d1 U2d2 U2d3 U2e U2e1'2'3 U2e1 U2e1a U2e1a1 U2e1a1a U2e1a1b U2e1b U2e1b1 U2e1b2 U2e1c U2e1c1 U2e1d U2e1e U2e1f U2e1f1 U2e1g U2e1h U2e2 U2e2a U2e2a1 U2e2a2 U2e2a3 U2e2a4 U2e3 U2e3a U3 U3a'c U3a U3a1 U3a1a U3a1a1 U3a1b U3a1c U3a1c1 U3a2 U3a3 U3c U3b U3b1 U3b1a U3b1b U3b2 U3b2a U3b2a1 U3b2b U3b3 U4'9 U4 U4a U4a1 U4a1a U4a1a1 U4a1b U4a1b1 U4a1c U4a1d U4a2 U4a2a U4a2a1 U4a2b U4a2c U4a2c1 U4a2d U4a2e U4a2f U4a2g U4a2h U4a3 U4a3a U4b U4b1 U4b1a U4b1a1 U4b1a1a U4b1a1a1 U4b1a2 U4b1a2a U4b1a2b U4b1a3 U4b1a3a U4b1a4 U4b1+146 152 U4b1b U4b1b1 U4b1b1a U4b1b2 U4b2 U4b2a U4b2a1 U4b3 U4c U4c1 U4c1a U4c2 U4c2a U4d U4d1 U4d1a U4d1a1 U4d1a1a U4d1b U4d2 U4d3 U9 U9a U9a1 U9b U9b1 U7 U7a U7a1 U7a2 U7a3 U7a4 U7a5 U7b U7b1 U8 U8a U8a1 U8a1a U8a1a1 U8a1a1a U8a1a1b U8a1a1b1 U8a1a2 U8a1a3 U8a1a4 U8a1b U8a2 U8b'c U8b U8b1 U8b1a U8b1a1 U8b1a2 U8b1b U8b1b1 K K1 K1a K1a1 K1a1a K1a1a1 K1a1a2 K1a1a2a K1a1a2a1 K1a1b K1a1b1 K1a1b1a K1a1b1b K1a1b1b1 K1a1b1c K1a1b1d K1a1b1e K1a1b1f K1a1b1g K1a1b2 K1a1b2a K1a1b2a1 K1a1b2a1a K1a1b2b K1a1c K1a2 K1a2a K1a2a1 K1a2a2 K1a2b K1a2c K1a3 K1a3a K1a3a1 K1a3a1a K1a3a1b K1a3a2 K1a3a3 K1a3a4 K1a4 K1a4a K1a4a1 K1a4a1a K1a4a1a+195 K1a4a1a1 K1a4a1a3 K1a4a1a2 K1a4a1a2a K1a4a1a2b K1a4a1b K1a4a1b1 K1a4a1b2 K1a4a1c K1a4a1d K1a4a1e K1a4a1f K1a4a1f1 K1a4a1g K1a4a1h K1a4a1i K1a4b K1a4b1 K1a4c K1a4c1 K1a4d K1a4e K1a4f K1a4f1 K1a4g K1a4h K1a5 K1a5a K1a5b K1a6 K1a7 K1a8 K1a8a K1a8a1 K1a8b K1a+195 K1a9 K1a10 K1a10a K1a13 K1a13a K1a14 K1a15 K1a16 K1a26 K1a+150 K1a11 K1a11a K1a11a1 K1a11b K1a24 K1a24a K1a30 K1a30a K1a12 K1a12a K1a12a1 K1a12a1a K1a17 K1a17a K1a18 K1a19 K1a19a K1a23 K1a25 K1a27 K1a28 K1a29 K1a29a K1b K1b1 K1b1+(16093) K1b1a K1b1a1 K1b1a1+199 K1b1a1a K1b1a1b K1b1a1c K1b1a1c1 K1b1a1d K1b1a2 K1b1b K1b1b1 K1b1c K1b2 K1b2a K1b2a1 K1b2a1a K1b2a1a1 K1b2a2 K1b2a2a K1b2a3 K1b2b K1c K1c1 K1c1a K1c1b K1c1c K1c1d K1c1e K1c1f K1c2 K1c2a K1+16362 K1d K1d1 K1e K1e1 K1f K2 K2a K2a1 K2a1a K2a2 K2a2a K2a2a1 K2a3 K2a3a K2a3a1 K2a4 K2a5 K2a5a K2a5a1 K2a6 K2a7 K2a8 K2a9 K2a10 K2a11 K2b K2b1 K2b1a K2b1a1 K2b1a1a K2b1a2 K2b1a3 K2b1b K2c K3 U8c N N1'5 N1 N1a N1a1'2 N1a1 N1a1a N1a1a+152 N1a1a1 N1a1a1a N1a1a1a1 N1a1a1a1a N1a1a1a2 N1a1a1a3 N1a1a1b N1a1a2 N1a1a3 N1a1b N1a1b1 I I1 I1a I1a1 I1a1a I1a1a1 I1a1a2 I1a1b I1a1c I1a1d I1a1e I1b I1c I1c1 I1c1a I1d I1e I2'3 I2 I2a I2a1 I2a1a I2a2 I2b I2c I2d I2e I3 I3a I3a1 I3b I3c I3d I3d1 I4 I4a I4a1 I4a2 I4b I5 I5a I5a1 I5a1a I5a1b I5a1c I5a2 I5a2+16086 I5a2a I5a3 I5a4 I5b I5b1 I5c I5c1 I6 I6a I6b I7 N1a2 N1a3 N1a3a N1a3a1 N1a3a2 N1a3a3 N1b N1b1 N1b1a N1b1a1 N1b1a2 N1b1a2a N1b1a2b N1b1a3 N1b1a+16129 N1b1a4 N1b1a5 N1b1a6 N1b1a+195 N1b1a7 N1b1b N1b1b1 N1b2 N5 N5a N2 N2a W W1 W1a W1b W1b1 W1+119 W1c W1c1 W1i W1d W1e W1e1 W1e1a W1f W1g W1h W1h1 W+194 W3 W3a W3a1 W3a1a W3a1a1 W3a1a2 W3a1a3 W3a1b W3a1+199 W3a1c W3a1d W3a2 W3b W3b1 W4 W4a W4a1 W4b W4c W4d W5 W5a W5a1 W5a1a W5a1a1 W5a1a1a W5a2 W5a2b W5b W6 W6a W6b W6b1 W6c W6c1 W6c1a W6d W7 W8 W9 N3 N3a N3a1 N3b N7 N7a N7a1 N7a2 N7b N8 N9 N9a N9a1'3 N9a1 N9a1a N9a3 N9a2'4'5 N9a2 N9a2a N9a2a1 N9a2a2 N9a2a3 N9a2c N9a2d N9a4 N9a4a N9a4b N9a5 N9a6 N9a6a N9a6b N9a7 N9a8 N9a9 N9a10 N9a10a N9a10+16311 N9a10b N9b N9b1 N9b1a N9b1b N9b1c N9b1c1 N9b2 N9b2a N9b3 N9b4 Y Y1 Y1a Y1b Y1b1 Y1b1a Y2 Y2a Y2a1 Y2a1a Y2b N10 N10a N10b N11 N11a N11a1 N11b N13 N14 N21 N21+195 N21a N22 N22a A A+152 A+152+16362 A1 A1a A1a1 A2 A2a A2a1 A2a2 A2a3 A2a4 A2a5 A2b A2b1 A2+(64) A2c A2d A2d1 A2d1a A2d2 A2+(64)+@153 A2e A2ao A2ao1 A2f A2f1 A2f1a A2f2 A2f3 A2g A2g1 A2h A2h1 A2i A2j A2j1 A2k A2k1 A2k1a A2+(64)+@16111 A2l A2m A2n A2o A2ai A2aj A2+(64)+16129 A2p A2p1 A2p2 A2am A2q A2q1 A2t A2u A2u1 A2u2 A2v A2v1 A2v1+152 A2v1a A2v1b A2w A2w1 A2x A2y A2aa A2ab A2ac A2ac1 A2ad A2ad1 A2ad2 A2ae A2af A2af1 A2af1a A2af1a1 A2af1a2 A2af1b A2af1b1 A2af1b1a A2af1b1b A2af1b2 A2af2 A2ag A2ah A2ak A2al A2an A2+(64)+16189 A2ap A2aq A2r A2r1 A2s A2z A6 A6a A6b A12 A12a A+152+16362+200 A13 A14 A15 A15a A15b A15c A15c1 A16 A17 A18 A19 A20 A21 A22 A3 A3a A7 A9 A11 A11a A11+16234 A11b A5 A5a A5a1 A5a1a A5a1a1 A5a1a1a A5a1a1b A5a1a2 A5a1a2a A5a1b A5a2 A5a3 A5a3a A5a4 A5a5 A5b A5b1 A5b1a A5b1b A5c A5c1 A8 A8a A8a1 A10 O O1 O1a S S1 S1a S2 S+152 S3 S4 S5 X X1'2'3 X1'3 X1 X1a X1c X3 X3a X2 X2+225 X2a'j X2a X2a1 X2a1a X2a1a1 X2a1b X2a1b1 X2a1b1a X2a1c X2a2 X2j X2b'd X2b X2b+226 X2b1 X2b2 X2b3 X2b4 X2b4a X2b5 X2b6 X2b7 X2b8 X2d X2d1 X2d1a X2d2 X2c X2c1 X2c1a X2c1b X2c1c X2e X2e1 X2e1a X2e1a1 X2e1b X2e2 X2e2a X2e2a1 X2e2b X2+225+@153 X2g X2l X2h X2i X2m'n X2m X2m1 X2m2 X2n X2o X2f X2k X2p X2p1 X4 L3 L3a L3a1 L3a1a L3a1b L3a+709 L3a2 L3a2a L3b'f L3b L3b1 L3b1a L3b1a1 L3b1a1a L3b1a2 L3b1a3 L3b1a4 L3b1a5 L3b1a5a L3b1a+152 L3b1a6 L3b1a+@16124 L3b1a7 L3b1a7a L3b1a8 L3b1a9 L3b1a9a L3b1a10 L3b1a11 L3b1b L3b1b1 L3b2 L3b2a L3b2b L3b3 L3f L3f1 L3f1a L3f1a1 L3f1b L3f1b+16292 L3f1b1 L3f1b1a L3f1b1a1 L3f1b2 L3f1b2a L3f1b+16292+150 L3f1b3 L3f1b4 L3f1b4a L3f1b4a1 L3f1b4b L3f1b4c L3f1b5 L3f2 L3f2a L3f2a1 L3f2a1a L3f2b L3f3 L3f3a L3f3b L3c'd L3c L3d L3d1'2'3'4'5'6 L3d1 L3d1a L3d1a1'2 L3d1a1 L3d1a1a L3d1a1a1 L3d1a1b L3d1a2 L3d1b L3d1b1 L3d1b1a L3d1b1b L3d1b2 L3d1b3 L3d1b3a L3d1c L3d1c1 L3d1d L3d2 L3d2a L3d2b L3d3 L3d3a L3d3a1 L3d3a1a L3d3a1b L3d3b L3d4 L3d4a L3d5 L3d5a L3d6 L3e'i'k'x L3e L3e1 L3e1a L3e1a1 L3e1a1a L3e1a2 L3e1a3 L3e1a3a L3e1a3b L3e1b L3e1b1 L3e1b2 L3e1c L3e1d L3e1d1 L3e1d1a L3e1e L3e1e1 L3e1e2 L3e1f L3e1f1 L3e1f1a L3e1f2 L3e1g L3e2 L3e2a L3e2a1 L3e2a1a L3e2a1b L3e2a1b1 L3e2a1b2 L3e2a1b3 L3e2a2 L3e2a3 L3e2b L3e2b1 L3e2b1a L3e2b1a1 L3e2b1a2 L3e2b2 L3e2b+152 L3e2b3 L3e2b4 L3e2b5 L3e2b6 L3e2b7 L3e2b8 L3e3'4'5 L3e3'4 L3e3 L3e3a L3e3b L3e3b1 L3e3b2 L3e3b3 L3e4 L3e4a L3e4a1 L3e5 L3e5a L3e5a1 L3e5a1a L3e5b L3e5+195 L3e5c L3e5d L3e5e L3e5f L3i L3i1 L3i1a L3i1b L3i2 L3k L3k1 L3x L3x1 L3x1a L3x1a1 L3x1a2 L3x1+16311 L3x1b L3x2 L3x2a L3x2a1 L3x2a1a L3x2b L3h L3h1 L3h1a L3h1a1 L3h1a2 L3h1a2a L3h1a2a1 L3h1a2b L3h1b L3h1b1 L3h1b1a L3h1b2 L3h2 M M1'20'51 M1 M1a M1a1 M1a1a M1a1a1 M1a1b M1a1b1 M1a1b1a M1a1b1b M1a1b1b1 M1a1b1c M1a1b2 M1a1+16093 M1a1c M1a1d M1a1e M1a1e1 M1a1e2 M1a1f M1a1g M1a1h M1a1i M1a2 M1a2a M1a2b M1a3 M1a3a M1a3b M1a3b1 M1a4 M1a4a M1a5 M1a6 M1a7 M1a8 M1b M1b1 M1b1a M1b1b M1b2 M1b2a M1b2b M1b2c M20 M51 M51a M51a1 M51a1a M51a1b M51a2 M51b M51b1 M51b1a M51b1b M2 M2a'b M2a M2a1 M2a1a M2a1a1 M2a1a1a M2a1a1a1 M2a1a1b M2a1a1b1 M2a1a2 M2a1a2a M2a1a2a1 M2a1a2a1a M2a1a+207 M2a1a3 M2a1a3+16093 M2a1a3a M2a1a3a1 M2a1a3b M2a1b M2a1c M2a2 M2a2a M2a3 M2a3a M2b M2b1 M2b1a M2b1b M2b2 M2b3 M2b3a M2b4 M2c M3 M3a M3a1 M3a1+204 M3a1a M3a2 M3a2a M3b M3c M3c+152 M3c1 M3c1a M3c1b M3c1b1 M3c1b1a M3c1b1b M3c2 M3d M3d1 M3d1a M3d1a1 M4"67 M4"67+16311 M4 M65 M65a M65a1 M65a+@16311 M65a2 M65b M67 M18'38 M18 M18a M18b M18c M38 M38a M38+195 M38b M38c M38+199 M38d M38e M30 M30a M30a1 M30a2 M30b M30c M30c1 M30c1a M30c1a1 M30d M30d1 M30d2 M30+16234 M30e M30f M30g M37 M37+152 M37+152+151 M37a M37a1 M37d M37e M37e2 M43 M43+16311 M43a M43a1 M43b M45 M45a M54 M63 M64 M66 M66a M66b M5 M5a'd M5a M5a1 M5a1a M5a1b M5a2 M5a2a M5a2a1 M5a2a1a M5a2a2 M5a2a3 M5a3 M5a3a M5a3b M5a4 M5a5 M5d M5b'c M5b M5b1 M5b2 M5b2a M5b2b M5b2b1 M5b2b1a M5c M5c1 M5c2 M6 M6a M6a1 M6a1a M6a1b M6a2 M6b M7 M7a M7a+16324 M7a1 M7a1a M7a1a1 M7a1a1a M7a1a2 M7a1a3 M7a1a4 M7a1a4a M7a1a5 M7a1a5a M7a1a6 M7a1a6a M7a1a7 M7a1a8 M7a1a9 M7a1b M7a1b1 M7a1b2 M7a2 M7a2a M7a2a1 M7a2a2 M7b'c M7b M7b1 M7b1a M7b1a1 M7b1a1a M7b1a1a1 M7b1a1a1a M7b1a1a1b M7b1a1a1b1 M7b1a1a1c M7b1a1a1d M7b1a1a2 M7b1a1a3 M7b1a1b M7b1a1+(16192) M7b1a1c M7b1a1c1 M7b1a1d M7b1a1d1 M7b1a1e M7b1a1e1 M7b1a1e2 M7b1a1f M7b1a1g M7b1a1h M7b1a1i M7b1a2 M7b1a2a M7b1a2a1 M7b1b M7b2 M7b2a M7c M7c1 M7c1a M7c1a1 M7c1a1a M7c1a1a1 M7c1a2 M7c1a2a M7c1a2a1 M7c1a3 M7c1a3a M7c1a4 M7c1a4a M7c1a4b M7c1a5 M7c1b M7c1b1 M7c1b2 M7c1b2a M7c1b2b M7c1c M7c1c1 M7c1c2 M7c1c2a M7c1c3 M7c1c3a M7c1c3a1 M7c1c3b M7c1c3c M7c1c3d M7c1c3e M7c1c3f M7c1c3g M7c1c3h M7c1c3i M7c2 M7c2a M7c3 M8 M8a M8a1 M8a2'3 M8a2 M8a2+152 M8a2a M8a2a1 M8a2b M8a2c M8a2d M8a3 M8a3a M8a3a1 CZ C C1 C1a C1b C1b1 C1b2 C1b3 C1b4 C1b5 C1b5a C1b5b C1b6 C1b+16311 C1b7 C1b7a C1b10 C1b8 C1b8a C1b9 C1b11 C1b12 C1b13 C1b13a C1b13a1 C1b13b C1b13c C1b13c1 C1b13d C1b13e C1b14 C1c C1c1 C1c1a C1c1b C1c2 C1c3 C1c4 C1c5 C1c+195 C1c6 C1c7 C1c8 C1d C1d+194 C1d1 C1d1a C1d1a1 C1d1b C1d1b1 C1d1c C1d1c1 C1d1d C1d2 C1d2a C1d3 C1e C1f C4 C4a'b'c C4a C4a1'5 C4a1 C4a1+16129 C4a1a C4a1a1 C4a1+16129+195 C4a1b C4a1b1 C4a1c C4a1c1 C4a1c1a C4a1c2 C4a1d C4a1e C4a5 C4a2'3'4 C4a2 C4a3 C4a3a C4a3b C4a3b1 C4a4 C4a4a C4a4b C4a4b1 C4b C4b1 C4b1a C4b2 C4b3 C4b3a C4b5 C4b6 C4b7 C4b8 C4c C4c1 C4c1a C4c1b C4c2 C4+152 C4+152+16093 C4d C4e C5 C5a C5a1 C5a2 C5b C5b1 C5b1a C5b1a1 C5b1b C5+16093 C5c C5c1 C5c1a C5d C5d1 C5d2 C7 C7a C7a1 C7a1a C7a1a1 C7a1a2 C7a1c C7a1d C7a2 C7a2a C7+16051 C7b Z Z+152 Z1 Z1a Z1a1 Z1a1a Z1a1b Z1a2 Z1a2a Z1a3 Z2 Z3 Z3a Z3a1 Z3a1a Z3a2 Z3b Z3+709 Z3c Z4 Z4a Z4a1 Z4a1a Z4a1a1 Z7 Z5 M9 M9a'b M9a M9a1 M9a1a M9a1a1 M9a1a1a M9a1a1b M9a1a1c M9a1a1c1 M9a1a1c1a M9a1a1c1b M9a1a1c1b1 M9a1a1c1b1a M9a1a1c1b1a1 M9a1a1c1b1a2 M9a1a1c1b2 M9a1a1c1c M9a1a1d M9a1a2 M9a1b M9a1b+150 M9a1b1 M9a1b1a M9a1b1a1 M9a1b1b M9a1b1c M9a1b2 M9a4 M9a4a M9a4a1 M9a4b M9a5 M9b E E1 E1a E1a1 E1a1a E1a1a1 E1a1a2 E1a1a3 E1a2 E1a2a E1b E1b+16261 E1b1 E2 E2a E2a1 E2a3 E2b E2b1 E2b2 M10 M10a M10a1 M10a1+16129 M10a1a M10a1a1 M10a1a1a M10a1a1b M10a1a1b1 M10a1b M10a2 M11 M11+200 M11a'b M11a M11a1 M11a2 M11b M11b1 M11b1a M11b2 M11d M11c M12'G M12 M12a M12a1 M12a1a M12a1a1 M12a1a2 M12a1b M12a2 M12b M12b1 M12b1a M12b1a1 M12b1a2 M12b1a2a M12b1a2b M12b1b M12b2 M12b2a G G1 G1a G1a1 G1a1a G1a1a1 G1a1a2 G1a1a3 G1a1a4 G1a2'3 G1a2 G1a3 G1b G1c G2 G2a'c G2a G2a1 G2a1b G2a1+16189 G2a1+16189+16194 G2a1c G2a1c1 G2a1c2 G2a1d G2a1d1 G2a1d1a G2a1d2 G2a1d2a G2a1e G2a1f G2a1f1 G2a1g G2a1h G2a+152 G2a2 G2a2a G2a3 G2a4 G2a5 G2c G2b G2b1 G2b1a G2b1a1 G2b1a2 G2b1b G2b2 G2b2a G2b2b G2b2c G3 G3a G3a1'2 G3a1 G3a1a G3a2 G3a2a G3a3 G3b G3b1 G3b2 G4 M13'46'61 M13 M13a'b M13a M13a1 M13a1a M13a1b M13a2 M13b M13b1 M13b2 M13c M13'46'61+16362 M46 M46a M61 M61a M14 M15 M17 M17a M17c M17c1 M17c1a M17c1a1 M17c1a1a M19'53 M19 M53 M53b M21 M21a M21b M21b1 M21b1a M21b+210 M21b2 M22 M22a M22b M23'75 M23 M75 M24'41 M24 M24a M24b M41 M41a M41a1 M41b M41c M26 M27 M27a M27b M27c M28 M28a M28b M29'Q M29 M29a M29b Q Q1'2 Q1 Q1+@16223 Q1a Q1b Q1c Q2 Q2a Q2a1 Q2a2 Q2b Q3 Q3a Q3a+61 62 Q3a1 Q3b M31 M31a M31a1 M31a1a M31a1b M31a2 M31b'c M31b M31b1 M31b2 M31c M32'56 M32 M32a M32c M56 M33 M33a M33a1 M33a1a M33a1b M33a2'3 M33a2 M33a2a M33a3 M33a3a M33+16362 M33b M33b1 M33b2 M33c M33d M34'57 M34 M34a M34a1 M34a1a M34a2 M34b M57 M57+152 M57a M57b M57b1 M35 M35+199 M35a M35a1 M35a1a M35a2 M35b M35b+16304 M35b1 M35b2 M35b3 M35b4 M35c M36 M36a M36b M36c M36d M36d1 M39'70 M39 M39a M39a1 M39a2 M39b M39b1 M39b2 M39c M70 M40 M40a M40a1 M40a1a M40a1b M42'74 M42 M42a M42b M42b1 M42b1a M74 M74a M74b M74b1 M74b2 M44 M44a M44a1 M47 M48 M49 M49a M49a1 M49a2 M49c M49c1 M49d M49e M49e1 M50 M50a M50a1 M50a2 M52 M52a M52a1 M52a1a M52a1b M52a1b1 M52b M52b1 M52b1a M55'77 M55 M77 M58 M59 M60 M60a M60a1 M60a2 M60b M62'68 M62 M62a M62b M62b+204 M62b1 M62b1a M62b1a1 M62b2 M68 M68a M68a1 M68a1a M68a2 M68a2a M69 M69a M71 M71+151 M71a M71a1 M71a1a M71a2 M71b M71c M72 M72a M73'79 M73 M73a M73a1 M73b M79 M76 M76a M81 M91 M91a M91b M80'D M80 D D4 D1 D1a D1a1 D1a2 D1b D1c D1d D1d1 D1d2 D1e D1f D1f1 D1f2 D1f+16189 D1f3 D1g D1g1 D1g1a D1g1b D1g+16189 D1g2 D1g2a D1g5 D1g3 D1g4 D1g6 D1h D1h1 D1h2 D1i D1i1 D1i2 D1j D1j1 D1j1a D1j1a1 D1j1a2 D1k D1m D1n D4a D4a1 D4a1a D4a1a1 D4a1a1a D4a1b D4a1b1 D4a1c D4a1d D4a1e D4a1f D4a1f1 D4a1g D4a1h D4a2 D4a2a D4a2b D4a3 D4a3a D4a3b D4a3b1 D4a3b2 D4a+16294 D4a4 D4a5 D4b D4b1 D4b1a D4b1a1 D4b1a1a D4b1a2 D4b1a2a D4b1a2a1 D4b1a2a2 D4b1b'd D4b1b D4b1b1 D4b1b1a D4b1b1a1 D4b1b2 D4b1d D4b1c D3 D4b2 D4b2a D4b2a1 D4b2a2 D4b2a2a D4b2a2a1 D4b2a2a2 D4b2a2b D4b2b D4b2b1 D4b2b1a D4b2b1b D4b2b1c D4b2b1+146 D4b2b1d D4b2b2 D4b2b2a D4b2b2a1 D4b2b2b D4b2b2c D4b2b3 D4b2b4 D4b2b5 D4b2b6 D4b2b7 D4b2d D4c D4c1 D4c1a D4c1a1 D4c1b D4c1b1 D4c1b2 D4c2 D4c2a D4c2b D4c2c D4d D4e D4e1'3 D4e1 D4e1a D4e1a1 D4e1a2 D4e1a2a D4e1a3 D4e1c D2 D2a'b D2a D2a1 D2a1a D2a1b D2a2 D2b D2b1 D2b1a D2b2 D2c D4e3 D4e2 D4e2a D4e2b D4e2c D4e2d D4e4 D4e4a D4e4a1 D4e4b D4e5 D4e5a D4e5b D4f D4f1 D4g D4g1 D4g1a D4g1b D4g1c D4g2 D4g2a D4g2a1 D4g2a1a D4g2a1b D4g2a1c D4g2b D4g2b1 D4g2b1a D4h D4h1 D4h1a D4h1a1 D4h1a2 D4h1b D4h1c D4h1c1 D4h1d D4h2 D4h3 D4h3a D4h3a1 D4h3a1a D4h3a1a1 D4h3a1a2 D4h3a2 D4h3a3 D4h3a3a D4h3a4 D4h3a5 D4h3a6 D4h3a+@152 D4h3a7 D4h3a8 D4h3a9 D4h3b D4h4 D4h4a D4i D4i1 D4i2 D4j D4j1 D4j1a D4j1a1 D4j1a1a D4j1a1b D4j1a2 D4j1b D4j1b2 D4j2 D4j2a D4j+16311 D4j3 D4j3a D4j3a1 D4j11 D4j4 D4j4a D4j5 D4j+146 D4j6 D4j13 D4j7 D4j7a D4j8 D4j9 D4j10 D4j12 D4j14 D4j15 D4j16 D4+195 D4k D4o D4o1 D4o1a D4o2 D4o2a D4o2a1 D4p D4p1 D4l D4l1 D4l1a D4l2 D4l2a D4l2b D4m D4m1 D4m2 D4n D4n1 D4n1a D4n2 D4q D4q1 D4q1a D4s D4t D+16189 D5 D5a'b D5a D5a1 D5a1a D5a1a1 D5a1a2 D5a2 D5a2a D5a2a+16092 D5a2a1 D5a2a1+@16172 D5a2a1a D5a2a1a1 D5a2a1a1a D5a2a1a2 D5a2a1b D5a2a2 D5a2b D5a3 D5a3a D5a3a1 D5a3a1a D5b D5b1 D5b1a D5b1a1 D5b1b D5b1b1 D5b1c D5b1c1 D5b1c1a D5b1d D5b2 D5c D5c1 D5c1a D5c+16311 D5c2 D6 D6a D6a1 D6a1a D6a2 D6c D6c1 D6c1a L3'4 L4 L4a L4a1 L4a1a L4a2 L4b L4b1 L4b1a L4b2 L4b2a L4b2a1 L4b2a2 L4b2a2a L4b2a2b L4b2a2c L4b2b L4b2b1 L3'4'6 L6 L6a L6b L2'3'4'6 L2 L2a'b'c'd L2a L2a1'2'3'4 L2a1 L2a1a L2a1a1 L2a1a2 L2a1a2a L2a1a2a1 L2a1a2a1a L2a1a2b L2a1a2c L2a1a3 L2a1a3a L2a1a3b L2a1a3c L2a1+16189 (16192) L2a1b L2a1b1 L2a1b1a L2a1b2 L2a1b+143 L2a1b3 L2a1f L2a1f1 L2a1f1a L2a1f2 L2a1f3 L2a1g L2a1+143 L2a1c L2a1c+16086 L2a1c1 L2a1c1a L2a1c1a1 L2a1c1a2 L2a1c6 L2a1c2 L2a1c2a L2a1c3 L2a1c3a L2a1c3a1 L2a1c3b L2a1c3b1 L2a1c3b2 L2a1c4 L2a1c4a L2a1c4a1 L2a1c+16129 L2a1c5 L2a1+143+@16309 L2a1d L2a1d1 L2a1d2 L2a1h L2a1e L2a1e1 L2a1+143+16189 (16192) L2a1+143+16189 (16192)+@16309 L2a1i L2a1i1 L2a1q L2a1j L2a1k L2a1l L2a1l1 L2a1l1a L2a1l1a1 L2a1l1a2 L2a1l1b L2a1l2 L2a1l2a L2a1l2a1 L2a1l3 L2a1m L2a1m1 L2a1m1a L2a1n L2a1o L2a1p L2a2'3'4 L2a2'3 L2a2 L2a2a L2a2a1 L2a2b L2a2b1 L2a2b1a L2a2b2 L2a3 L2a4 L2a4a L2a4b L2a5 L2b'c'd L2b'c L2b L2b1 L2b1a L2b1a2 L2b1a3 L2b1a4 L2b1b L2b2 L2b2a L2b3 L2b3a L2b3b L2b3c L2c L2c1 L2c1a L2c2 L2c2a L2c2a1 L2c2b L2c2b1 L2c2b1a L2c2b1b L2c2b2 L2c3 L2c3a L2c4 L2c5 L2d L2d+16129 L2d1 L2d1a L2e L2e1 L2e1a L2'3'4'6+ L5 L5a L5a1 L5a1a L5a1b L5a1c L5a2 L5b L5b1 L5b1a L5b1b L5b2 L2'3'4'5'6 L1 L1b L1b1 L1b1a L1b1a1'4 L1b1a1 L1b1a4 L1b1a4a L1b1a2 L1b1a2a L1b1a+189 L1b1a3 L1b1a3a L1b1a3a1 L1b1a3b L1b1a9 L1b1a15 L1b1a15a L1b1a17 L1b1a18 L1b1a5 L1b1a6 L1b1a7 L1b1a7a L1b1a8 L1b1a10 L1b1a10a L1b1a10b L1b1a12 L1b1a12a L1b1a12b L1b1a13 L1b1a14 L1b1a16 L1b2'3 L1b2 L1b2a L1b3 L1c L1c1'2'4'5'6 L1c1'2'4'6 L1c1 L1c1a'b'd L1c1a L1c1a+@198 L1c1a1 L1c1a1a L1c1a1a1 L1c1a1a1a L1c1a1a1b L1c1a1a1b1 L1c1a1a2 L1c1a1b L1c1a2 L1c1a2a L1c1a2a1 L1c1a2a2 L1c1a2b L1c1a2c L1c1b'd L1c1b L1c1b1 L1c1d L1c1d1 L1c1c L1c2'4 L1c2 L1c2a L1c2a1 L1c2a1a L1c2a1b L1c2a2 L1c2a3 L1c2a3a L1c2b L1c2b1 L1c2b1a'b L1c2b1a L1c2b1a1 L1c2b1b L1c2b1b1 L1c2b1c L1c2b2 L1c4 L1c4a L1c4b L1c6 L1c5 L1c3 L1c3a L1c3a1 L1c3a1a L1c3a1b L1c3b'c L1c3b L1c3b1 L1c3b1a L1c3b1b L1c3b2 L1c3c L1'2'3'4'5'6 L0 L0a'b'f'k L0a'b'f L0a'b L0a L0a1'4 L0a1 L0a1a L0a1a+200 L0a1a1 L0a1a2 L0a1a3 L0a1+16293 L0a1b L0a1b1 L0a1b1a L0a1b1a1 L0a1b2 L0a1b2a L0a1c L0a1c1 L0a1d L0a1e L0a4 L0a2 L0a2a L0a2a1 L0a2a1a L0a2a1a1 L0a2a1a2 L0a2a1b L0a2a2 L0a2a2a L0a2a2a1 L0a2b L0a2b1 L0a2c L0a2d L0a3 L0b L0f L0f1 L0f2 L0f2a L0f2a1 L0f2b L0k L0k1 L0k1a L0k1a1 L0k1a1a L0k1a1b L0k1a1c L0k1a1d L0k1a2 L0k1a3 L0k1b L0k2 L0k2a L0k2a1 L0k2a1a L0k2b L0d L0d1'2 L0d1 L0d1a'c L0d1a L0d1a1 L0d1a1a L0d1a1b L0d1a1b1 L0d1a1b1a L0d1a1b1b L0d1a1c L0d1c L0d1c1 L0d1c1a L0d1c1a1 L0d1c1a1a L0d1c1a1a1 L0d1c1a1a2 L0d1c1a1b L0d1c1a2 L0d1c2 L0d1c2a L0d1c2a1 L0d1c3 L0d1b L0d1b1 L0d1b1a L0d1b1a1 L0d1b1b L0d1b1+@152 L0d1b1c L0d1b2 L0d1b2a L0d1b2a1 L0d1b2a2 L0d1b2b L0d1b2b1 L0d1b2b1a L0d1b2b1b L0d1b2b2 L0d1b2b2a L0d1b2b2b L0d1b2b2b1 L0d1b2b2c L0d1b2b2c1 L0d1b2b2c2 L0d2 L0d2a'b'd L0d2a L0d2a1 L0d2a1a L0d2a1a1 L0d2a1a1a L0d2a1b L0d2a1c L0d2a2 L0d2b L0d2b1 L0d2b1a L0d2b1a1 L0d2b1a1a L0d2b1b L0d2b2 L0d2d L0d2c L0d2c1 L0d2c1a L0d2c1b L0d2c2 L0d2c2a L0d3 L0d3a L0d3b L0d3b1 L0d3b2


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