HaploGrep 2.0 – Beta

We are happy to announce HaploGrep 2.0 – Beta Version. We want YOU to give it a try, and help us to improve the software. We also want to say thanks to all the fruitful discussions, especially with our collaborators Antonio Salas and Hans Bandelt.

All new features will be introduced one by one in the next couple of weeks.

What you will notice in this first release:

  • GUI didn’t change a lot 🙂
  • The “Find HaploGroups” Button is not needed anymore
  • A new tab (“Errors and Warnings”) shows problematic sequences based on a novel developed internal rule-system
  • Annotation of Amino Acid Changes for remaining mtSNPs
  • Import of VCF files (introduced below)
  • Fasta export
  • New server architecture based on REST

Feature-Highlights that will be released in the next weeks:

  • Support of heteroplasmic sites (Y,R)
  • New distance metrics for haplogroup classification
  • Phylogenetic representation based on the rCRS tree for all samples
  • Fasta Import
  • Additional Quality Checks
  • How to use the Rest API

We are looking forward to your feedback and your replies,

Hansi, Lukas, Sebastian




Hansi Weissensteiner